Emergency room


Emergency room

The Emergency Department of Sasan Hospital with 9 active beds is equipped with the latest medical engineering achievements. This unit has CPR rooms in an isolated room and a psychiatric-emergency room.

The unit is ready 24 hours a day with experienced medical and nursing staff to provide medical services to respected devotees and other respected clients.

The active presence of an emergency medicine physician in this department is a relative advantage of this department

Performing primary and vital measures in the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Room (CPR) and taking the primary measures necessary for Primary PCI - administering trauma / orthopedic injuries - nursing services based on the standards provided by the Nursing System are the services offered in this unit.

Some of the emergency department services at Sasan Hospital include:

Provide accident related services

Providing emergency surgical services

Provide emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation services for heart attack

Obtain admission from other treatment centers if the bed is not empty

Performing emergency and minor surgeries such as wound suture and circumcision

Providing services to outpatient such as blood transfusion, serum connectivity, catheter extraction

Foley, bandage replacement, ECG, injections, orthopedic services such as gypsum, pin removal, gypsum removal, catheterization



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