Sasan Hospital consists of 3 specialized ICU1_ICU2_ICU3 departments, which have 27 ICU beds, operating internally and surgically and generally active.

Care is provided in the following patients in the ICU:

1)    Patients who have undergone major surgeries and one or more of their major organs have undergone acute alterations.

2)    Patients who need mechanical ventilation with a ventilator machine to breathe.

3)    Patients whose cardiovascular status has been hampered by critical and emergency situations such as shock, bleeding and accidents.

4)    Patients who are unstable following a concussion or brain surgery.

5)    Each of the beds in this ward has a monitoring system that is connected to the central monitor and the patients admitted to the ICU are constantly monitored through the monitor

There is also a 24-hour anesthesiologist in the ICU ward.

Each ICU unit also has a fully equipped isolation room



(ICU 1) : at the top of Ground floor

(ICU 2) : third floor

(ICU 3) : sixth floor


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