This ward is located on the fourth floor with five active beds adjacent to the open heart surgery room.

Adult patients are transferred to this ward after open heart surgery.

Postoperative critical care in this ward is provided by experienced medical and nursing staff. This unit has an ABG (arterial blood gas) device separate from the laboratory and it is dedicated.

Each of the beds in this ward has a monitoring system that is connected to the central monitor and patients admitted to the ICU OH are monitored continuously through the monitor.

ICU OH department services include following patient care:

1)    CABG open heart surgery (coronary artery bypass graft)

2)    heart valve diseases including AVR_MVR aortic valve stenosis - aortic valve failure - mitral valve replacement - aortic valve replacement

3)    Repair of heart wall defects including VSD ASD

4)    Pericardectomy

5)    Cardiac tamponade

6)    IABP  

Insertion of balloons into the aorta of the IABP


Location: 4th Floor

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