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General and heart operating rooms


General and heart operating rooms

The General Operating Room section with 6 operating rooms and 2 open heart surgery rooms, staffed by highly qualified and specialist staff with state-of-the-art medical equipment, is ready to provide respected patients with day-to-day medical care.

In the General Operating Room all general - brain and neurosurgery - orthopedic surgeries (equipped with C ARM) - gynecology - urology and scopy - arthroscopy - ear and nose and throat - eye and kidney are performed.

The General Operating Room recovery consists of 6 active beds ready to serve patients after surgery.

The General Operations Room also includes the Doctors' Room - Rest & Dining Room for male and female personnel, the person responsible for the warehouse - clean and dirty room - pharmacy - warehouse equipment, all operating rooms with a corridor to the CSSD and pharmacy.

In the cardiac surgery room, open heart surgeries including CABG_AVR_MVR are performed and these rooms are equipped with a heart pump and a balloon-pump balloon-heater-cooler and an electroshock.

CSSD Services

The main activities of this section include washing, infectious disease, tool control, sealing and sterilizing all required and usable parts and accessories of the operating room.

The above items include General_Surgical Heart Surgery_General Surgery_Orthopedics_Brain & Nerves_Ear & Nose_Laparoscopy and ... . This section contains three contaminated parts (pre-entry) and clean and sterile.

All hospital packs are in the CSSD department and the departments receive as needed from this unit.


Location : General operating room: First floor

               Open heart surgery room: Fourth floor      

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