The following clinics are set up in Sasan Specialty Hospital

 Ear, nose and throat


2- Gastrointestinal Internal

3- Kidney and urinary incontinence

4- Osteomyelitis

5- Neurosurgery

6- Internal Neurology

7- lung

8- Orthopedics

9- Ophthalmology

10- Obstetrics and Gynecology

11- Heart

12- General Surgery

13- Skin

14- Oncology

15- glands

16- Rheumatology


ENT clinic : 

The clinic offers specialist and specialized physicians while visiting patients and clients such as hearing assessment, auditory reflex test, brainstem assessment test, neonatal hearing test, hearing aid administration, hearing aid fitting.


Gastroenterology Internal Clinic :

With gastrointestinal specialty, it provides endoscopy, colonoscopy and ERCP services to patients.


Lung Clinic :

The hospital's pulmonary clinic offers well-qualified and experienced physicians with tests such as spirometry, BODY DLCO, ergo spirometry, Cardiopulmonary rhinomanometry exercise test, CO test.


Orthopedic Clinic :

The Sasan Hospital Orthopedic Clinic is well equipped with specialist knee, hand and shoulder specialties, spine and orthopedic pediatrics, specialized medical services to patients and clients. In addition, physical medicine and physiotherapy are active as complementary orthopedic services in the hospital.


Ophthalmology Clinic :

Sasan Hospital Ophthalmology Clinic has the best scientific and experienced staffs (qualified and specialized specialists in cornea, patina, strabismus). The clinic also offers services such as glasses and lens scoring, eye laser, and eyewear.


Gynecology Clinic :

Sasan Hospital Clinic uses an examination room and a room to perform a variety of procedures and have specialist and specialized gynecologists and infertility patients visiting services such as freezing pap smears, small polyps removal and IUD removal and maternal education and prenatal services.


Heart Clinic :

Sasan Hospital Heart Clinic is ready to provide services for patients and clients in a very quiet and comfortable environment with the necessary support equipment, and specialist cardiologists and skilled nurses and skilled nurses and equipment such as ECG, Cardiac Echocardiogram, Exercise Test and Holter ECG and pressure.


Kidney and urinary clinic :

The kidney clinic is staffed by urologists and urologists, a urodynamic test for urine correction is also provided at the clinic.


Neurosurgery Clinic :

The Neurology Clinic provides services to hospital clients with spine and brain surgery specialists.


Internal Neurology Clinic :

Doctors of internal neurosurgery and neurosurgery are presenting at the above clinic during patients' visit, diagnostic tests of EEG, EMG and nerve ultrasound.


Osteomyelitis Clinic :

Osteomyelitis defines a multidisciplinary clinic including orthopedic, infectious, and reconstructive surgeon with different specialists presenting in chronic infectious bone diseases treatment plan.



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