The dialysis unit of Sasan Hospital is located on the upper floor of the main building of the hospital.

This unit is equipped with 6 beds equipped with a hemodialysis machine and an isolated room for hepatitis B patients along with a separate hemodialysis machine with qualified staff to provide services to hemodialysis patients in two morning and evening shifts during all weekdays and pubic holidays, except Fridays.

The Hemodialysis Unit is ready to provide emergency services to patients with on-call shifts at nights and on Fridays.

Acceptance of hemodialysis patients in Sasan hospital includes patients referred by the Iran University of Medical Sciences and patients admitted to other wards of the hospital.

It also includes a patient weighing scales with a weighing bed with a wheelchair.

Each bed in this section is equipped with complete cardiac monitoring. Each bed is equipped with a television for the benefit of most patients.


Location: at the top of Ground floor

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