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Imaging Department


Sasan Hospital Imaging Department

The Sasan Hospital Comprehensive Medical Imaging Center has been opened and equipped in order to satisfy most the clients, especially a tribute to the dignity of the devotees and the great families of the martyrs.

The hospital imaging section is located on the first floor of the clinic building. This section includes ultrasound, mammography and MRI 1.5 Tesla units.


In this unit all the ultrasound requests of the medical practitioners, including routine diagnostic ultrasound, color Doppler and ultrasound-guided sampling, are performed by radiologists.

In addition to the above mentioned ultrasound: carotid artery, cervical vertebra for plaque and stenosis, renal artery stenosis, renal vein thrombosis, peripheral arterial and venous stenosis, aneurysm, arterial and venous fistulas Portal hypertension, vascular and tumor lesions of the Doppler masses can be evaluated for vascularity and Doppler Penis.

Mammography device

Using digital mammography, Siemens which is the world's most advanced device for detecting the presence of possible breast masses and tumors, as well as screening for respected clients.

MRI section

This unit has the latest Siemens German MRI device (Aera model) with a magnetic field strength of 4.3 Tesla and is equipped with the most efficient MRI software and hardware capable of providing specialized and specialized expertise with the help of experienced radiologists to the esteemed patients. This unit is ready to serve patients up to 110 kg all week long.

This model of MRI device has special features and facilities

Equipped with sound reduction techniques, the device reduces sound by up to 5%, and also has a dedicated music player that makes the patient more relaxed.

It has an adjustable ventilation system that provides the patient with fresh air while performing the MRI test. Equipped with new imaging techniques that minimize scanning time while improving image quality. This machine is 145 cm in length and has a span diameter greater than its counterparts (2 cm), which is 10 cm wider than conventional devices. The purpose of this system is to ease and eliminate the fear of a narrow tunnel. The device is equipped with a fourth-generation RF technology called TIM 4G, in which SIEMENS exclusively digitalizes the device's signal reception path as well as the RF transmission path and transmits it with optical fiber.

Features and techniques available to patients :

The above device is capable of providing the following specialized MRI tests due to the homogeneity of the magnetic field and the high power of the digital hardware of the RF radio waves as well as the different types of coils.

Functional: To study how the brain works

MRS Spectroscopy

To check the body's metabolites and to help diagnose and correct the nature of the lesions

MRI Diffusion and perfusion

To evaluate the extent of damage to the tissues that have decreased blood supply.

MRI Breasts

MRA ,MRV (Angiography and venography)

To diagnose and correct arterial and venous lesions of the body, which can be performed both with and without the injection of a contrast agent.

MR DTI (Tractography)

For imaging nerve fibers and helping to diagnose lesions and guide the surgeon to select the appropriate path during surgery.

MR Fistulography To examine fistulas around the anus

MRU To check urinary tract system

MRI Pelvic floor dynamics to evaluate urinary and fecal incontinence

MRI From the prostate region with endorectal coil to determine prostate lesions.

MRCP To evaluate the gallbladder and pancreas and the presence of stones in the bile ducts

MR  Entrography To examine the small intestine

MRI Liver and evaluation of iron deposition and fat percentage

MRI TMJ To check the joints

The device is equipped with new techniques that eliminate imaging defects caused by orthopedic flaps, thus increasing diagnostic clarity. Although specialists in each field are able to study radiology findings in their field, the radiologist's opinion is in many cases crucial.

Radiologists work full time at the Sasan Hospital Imaging Center

In addition to interpreting all imaging, these doctors alternately perform all ultrasounds, biopsies, and radiographs that must be performed or monitored by a radiologist in the shortest possible time.

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