About Sasan Hospital Laboratory

The Sasan Hospital Laboratory has been one of the nation's leading laboratories with decades of experience in serving people. This unit is ready to provide outpatient and inpatient (with or without insurance booklet) admission and hospitalization at all times of the day.

Sasan Hospital Laboratory, with advanced equipment and trained technologists, provides various services in the field of diagnostic and pathological tests in the areas of sampling, hematology, biochemistry, hormones, fluid analysis and urinalysis, parasitology. , Microbiology, Pathology, Blood Banks, etc., provides respected clients.

For the well-being of patients, all the needs of clients on the ground floor of the laboratory and accessible to all persons including the people with disabilities are considered. The online response can also be viewed and printed online through the e-services section after the required specifications have been entered.

Technical departments of the laboratory

The technical departments of the laboratory equipped with the latest technology with experienced and experienced personnel are responsible for the testing and final control.

Blood biochemistry

In this section, which is one of the most important and active parts of any medical laboratory, a variety of tests are performed such as:

Blood sugar, Urea, Blood lipids, Liver and heart enzymes, Sodium iron, potassium, ...

It should be noted that the clinical laboratory is equipped with BT 3000, Hiatachi 717 and Hiatachi 917 autoanalysers, which perform a wide range of specialized biochemical tests in a very short time.


This section is also one of the most important parts of the laboratory that uses a wide range of hormones and cancer markers to be tested in a sophisticated manner using modern equipment and validated kits.

This unit is equipped with Roche Germany's Cobas e411 device which performs all hormonal and tumor marker tests with ultra-sensitive chemiluminescence fully automated using proprietary kits made by Roche Germany and Tosoh AIA 360 with extreme precision and accuracy. The VIDAS device is also used for emergency immunology and troponin tests, pregnancy tests and D-Dimer and so on.

Hematology and coagulation

In this section, patients' blood samples were counted for white blood cells, erythrocytes, platelets, as well as for differential counts of white blood cells for the diagnosis of anemia and leukemia by Sysmex KX21 and Full Diff Sysmex Xs- The 500i and the microscopic examination of the cells are evaluated. And coagulation tests are performed with the ACL Elite coagulometer. In this section, the red blood cell deposition rate (ESR) is measured by a fully automatic device.


In this section, using different methods and equipment such as Cobas e411 Quantum Luminescence, ELISA Reader and Fluorescence, the status of the body 's immune system, resistance and / or types of viral, bacterial or rheumatologic diseases are examined.


In this section, tests such as CRP, ASO, RF, Wright, Widal and ... are reviewed for diseases such as: brucellosis, fever, syphilis, cardiac rheumatism and so on.


In this section, which is one of the most important parts of laboratories, types of urine, feces, blood, vaginal discharge, ducts, nose and throat, etc. Bacteria are studied microscopically and in a cultured way.

Department of Pathology

The pathology department is also assisting patients in two separate spaces with the help of a qualified pathologist and a university professor as one of the prestigious centers in this field.

Other advanced unit equipment

Blood Gas GEM, ABL, OPTI devices for measuring PH and blood gases

Caretium device to measure blood sodium and potassium

Most patient tests are performed on the same day and are ready for presentation after final inspection. This high speed, along with accuracy, is always monitored by quality control systems.

In addition, the Sasan Hospital Laboratory has signed a bilateral cooperation agreement with reputable laboratories in order to provide up-to-date services to all patients in the country.


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