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History of Sasan Hospital



Sasan specialty hospital constructed in year 1354 with a 13 story building, on a land of 955 meters and infrastructure about 12000 square meters and it continued it’s a medical practice as a private centre by year 1368.

At this time, due to the presence of hundreds of war veterans and casualties in the country, priority of treatment and serious consideration of the health status of these loved ones was considered by the authorities accordingly Mellat bank shares in the hospital were bought up by the foundation for the oppressed and veterans to meet most of the medical needs of the wounded and the victims of the imposed war.

The foundation began efforts to equip the centre with state of advanced health, medical and medical technologies that these actions have accelerated since the 1384 after the veteran’s foundation was merged with the Martyr foundation.

Now the Martyrs and foundation as the major shareholder of the hospital, from then on by employing dedicated and specialized physicians and experienced administrative staff also equipping this centre with the most modern medical facilities provides conditions in the health care services so that management, physicians and staff of this hospital can improve the quality and quantity of diagnostic and therapeutic services while providing an appropriate promotion, provides patient satisfaction.

It is necessary to mention the hospital currently has inpatient, clinical, para clinical and emergency departments.

In addition, the dermatology, ENT, CCU, ICU, NICU, dialysis, genecology and obstetrics, orthopaedic, ophthalmology, general surgery, nephrology, urology, neurology, cardiovascular, digestion, rheumatology, angiography, ICU open heart, reconstructive surgery, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery departments are the most active in this hospital, in all around country.

Sasan hospital also has clinical services including: general lab, pathology, radiology, CT scan, physiotherapy, sonography, bone densitometry, emergency, endoscopy, fitness test, echo the heart, cardiovascular angiography, ENT, echography of the eye, laser eye, angiography of the eye, body box, spirometry, EEG, bronchoscopy, that are ready to provide the best services to clients.

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