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Message from the head manger

مدیر عامل ipd


As with any living thing, one of the components and signs of life in any organization is its growth and prosperity over time, and this can only be achieved if all aspects of that organization are promoted qualitatively and sometimes quantitatively. In this regard, targeting is one of the first necessities, and the introduction of this necessity is full knowledge of policies, familiarity with stakeholders and knowledge of the issues that are favorable and disturbing, so-called strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats, respectively.

Thanks to God, Sasan Hospital, relying on its force organization, especially the existing managers and officials and paying attention to the policies of the Martyrs and Victims Foundation and considering upstream documents including the laws and regulations of the country in the field of health, believing in the above considerations as part of the strategy plan, he has formulated his own goals so that he can achieve the specified goals with specific strategies.

That goes without saying that this program is very dynamic and it is monitored and evaluated frequently in all aspects including the quality of implementation of each program and the degree of achievement of the goals based on the set indicators so that we can walk the path of excellence with our eyes open and stay alive and well.



Dr. Alireza Tavakoli Mehrjerdi


Managing Director of Sasanian Medical Joint Stock Company and Head of Sasan Hospital

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