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International Patient Unit



Health Tourism (International Patient Unit)

Dear and esteemed guests, Welcome to Sasan Specialty Hospital.

In order to facilitate and expedite your service and increase your satisfaction, there is a unit called "IPD" at this center located next to the ground floor.

IPD Department Members:

International Patient Technical Officer :  Dr. Tavakoli

Assistant Management : Mr.khalafi

IPD physician : Dr.Karimany

IPD Expert : Ms Mozaffar

IPD Head of Department : Ms Hatamian

Matron : Ms.GHanbary

Management of clinics and paraclinics Safety expert Clinical supervisor : Ms Talaee

Responsible for quality improvement : Ms Bajuli

Responsible for IT : Engineer Shah Mohammadi

The possibility  to communicate and send the file before in person using the following communication channels:

Hospital Fax Number : 88971671

Email address :

Hospital Address : Sasan Specialty Hospital, 43, Keshavarz Blvd., Tehran, Iran

Meanwhile, IPD expert (Ms Frank Mozafar) is ready to answer all clients’ questions with the following number:

Direct phone number : 88965170

Extension : 253

International Patients' Department Activities:

1) Possibility of virtual and in-person consultation with a physician  at the international unit

2) Ability to contact an IPD physician after discharge

3) Issuing the patient companion’s card

4) Order food out of menu

5) Access to the public transport service as close as possible

6) The presence of foreign language-speaking nurses to communicate more with IPD patients                                                                                                                                                         



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